July 10, 2009

My First Quilt

I decided to play along with Camille and Carrie and countless others and share my first and most recent quilts. I've decided to do a "compare and contrast" exercise because that makes me feel like I'm in 3rd grade again and that wouldn't too be bad right now. At least I'd be out of school for the summer and running around in my swim suit at Wet 'n Wild.

* Both are very rectilinear (that's the word of the day). It takes a lot to get me to venture into triangles or something crazier.
* Both were gifts.
* Yeah, that's about it.
* My latest actually has color! Well, technically, the first does, too, but those light pink ribbons used to tie it are hard to discern.
* The first is tied because I was a chicken and the latest is machine quilted because I learned to overcome my fears.
* One has a well-made binding, the other is... (I don't want to discuss it)
* T-shirts + interfacing vs. random white cotton fabrics
* ginormous vs. baby quilt
* pieced backing vs. good ole plain white backing
* rotary cut vs. squares drawn with a blue chalk pencil and cut out with scissors (!)


That'll do for now. I'll be back soon with a wedding quilt I'm working on. I hope to get the top and backing all together and maybe even basted this weekend. The wedding is next weekend! Gotta hurry!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great quilt comparison! Love the tee shirt quilt.

Carrie said...

Hi Abby ~ I love the comparisons and the quilts! Yes, even the first one! But never mind the quilts ~ your cakes are awesome!!! Oh my gosh ~ they're gorgeous! I think I see lots more beautiful quilts in your future as you're clearly a creative and artistic girl. Thank you for sharing your quilts ~ and your cakes! :)

Camille and Luke said...

I love your t-shirt quilt! I'm working on one right now for my husband. I hope it turns out half as cool as yours! Looks great!

Oh by the way I love your tooth cake!! My brother-in-law is going to dental school right now! That cake would be great for him! How did you get it to look just like a tooth?


Abby said...

Hey, Camille! Thanks for stopping by! I used the oval pan made by Wilton and stacked two tiers. I then (using my amazing dental anatomy skills...) carved out the sides to slope like the shape of a tooth. I used the scraps to make mounds for the cusps and coated all with buttercream goodness! You should make one for him!

Katie B said...

What a great keepsake!

MamaT said...

I love the red and black in the t-shirt quilt. My favorite colors together. Thanks for showing them.