July 28, 2015

Emily's Quilt

Our Target friends had baby #2, so Emily gets a quilt!  We call them that around people who know the story, but may or may not remember their names. Because the story is pretty unforgettable! 

We met in the baby aisles of our local Super Target as we started our baby registries for our first babies. We chatted briefly about having no idea what we were scanning and got back to work. Weeks later, at a baby care class at our hospital, we met again and recognized them as the couple from Target. 

We found out we had lots in common: our faith, a friend, our doctors are in the same practice, we both play French horn, grew up in the same area...like to shop at Target : )  We exchanged info and had a few pre-baby dinners out. 

Long story short, we ended up having our babies two days apart in the same hospital, and were on the maternity floor two doors down from them.  So we decided to stay friends.  And now our kids go to preschool together!

So I found a bunch of fabrics in my stash to match her bedding and did a little name applique using freezer paper.  Instead of need-turn, I fused it on and used the blanket stitch on my machine - my new favorite!  

Emily arrived on Saturday, so we already got to meet her!  So sweet and precious!

May 21, 2015

Andrea's Quilt - Granny Squares

Andrea finally gets her own quilt!

Since the baby quilt I made for Audrey matched the nursery, and we kept the nursery the same for both girls, I felt like I was off the hook for making Andrea a baby quilt. Forget that I had them 16 months apart and was working full time. 

But after I really got back to working on Audrey's quilt, and they'd see me working on the hand quilting, Andrea quickly realized that Audrey was getting a pretty quilt for her bed and she wanted one, too!  

I've had granny squares on my to-do list and decided to go the easy route and use some Moda mini-charms of Bonnie and Camille's Scrumptious line and I raided my white stash for all the white squares. That means they're all a little bit different shade of white, but I was more than happy to use up my scraps. 

I used the tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches since she used 2.5" squares, but didn't add the border, just the same sashing. 

I had this sweet pink print in my stash and pieced it with some white to make it big enough (and knock down my stash even more!)

This quilt is about 44"x55" and I machine quilted it to knock it out and get it on her toddler bed. I bound it in the same pink from my grandmother's stash that I used on Audrey's quilt. 

And just in time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival, I'm entering it into the small quilts category. Thanks, Amy, for hosting again, and thank YOU for stopping by!

May 15, 2015

Audrey's Woodland Bloom Quilt

Welcome, Blogger's Quilt Festival friends!
So glad you could stop by!

I finished this quilt just in time for the festival and I'm so excited to share it with you!

This quilt began its life over 2 years ago when my oldest was around 13-15 mos old and I was very pregnant with my second. We were getting her big girl room ready and this Woodland Bloom fabric fit the colors perfectly. 

Fast forward two years, lots of indecision on the pattern, tracking down another charm pack or two of out of print fabric, and lots of hand quilting, and tada! She finally gets her quilt!

I outlined the X's and all the sashing and then did a petal shape inside each arm of the X. Can you see it in there?

I added a second border using a polka dot from Connecting Threads I found in my stash that matches that deeper pink PERFECTLY and used the same petal template I made for the X's to do this quilting in the border. 

The backing is pieced from my stash and I made the binding from my grandmother's stash. 

All I have left to do is make a pillow sham and maybe some pillow cases that match! And make a big girl quilt for my 2-year-old!

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks, Amy, for hosting!  www.amyscreativeside.com Enjoy the festival!

April 3, 2015

Some Projects I've Finished

I've been wanting to make some bow organizers now that my girls have hair (ha!) and finally got around to it. I used a couple of frames from Ikea, some fat quarters, batting, ribbon and hot glue. I took lots of pictures as I did it and I'll post a tutorial later. Super cute, huh?

I've also been dreaming of an Easter tree, but gave up on finding one with branches, and went with an Christmas tree turned Easter tree concept. I got a foam cone, some glitter eggs from the dollar store, and used every bit of happy ribbon in my stash. Plus some. It is so happy!

Now, back to my main project. Quilting Audrey's quilt is taking forever!

Andrea's Birthday

Andrea turned 2 in January and I neglected to post about her party!  She requested monkeys, so we went all out. 

Monkey ears were made...

Chocolate monkey cake was baked...


And decorated...

Banana pudding was made...

The Christmas tree was turned into a birthday tree...

And we all had a good time!

We kinda forgot to give her the present from us until the next morning (womp womp), but she didn't seem to mind 😀

Can't believe she's two!