April 3, 2015

Some Projects I've Finished

I've been wanting to make some bow organizers now that my girls have hair (ha!) and finally got around to it. I used a couple of frames from Ikea, some fat quarters, batting, ribbon and hot glue. I took lots of pictures as I did it and I'll post a tutorial later. Super cute, huh?

I've also been dreaming of an Easter tree, but gave up on finding one with branches, and went with an Christmas tree turned Easter tree concept. I got a foam cone, some glitter eggs from the dollar store, and used every bit of happy ribbon in my stash. Plus some. It is so happy!

Now, back to my main project. Quilting Audrey's quilt is taking forever!

Andrea's Birthday

Andrea turned 2 in January and I neglected to post about her party!  She requested monkeys, so we went all out. 

Monkey ears were made...

Chocolate monkey cake was baked...


And decorated...

Banana pudding was made...

The Christmas tree was turned into a birthday tree...

And we all had a good time!

We kinda forgot to give her the present from us until the next morning (womp womp), but she didn't seem to mind ��

Can't believe she's two!

February 2, 2015

Andrea's Room and Two Embroidery Finishes

My youngest is now 2 (!), and it's time for a big girl room. We're keeping the crib for a while and we'll make it a toddler bed soon. We moved her to the other side of the house next to sister so they can be close and share a bathroom.  Maybe we'll regret that when they are teenagers!

Here's the view when you walk in the door. 

I fell in love with these sweet prints from Rifle Paper Co. They're sweet and girly, but vintagey and grown-up enough that she can have them for a long time if she wants. 

They *just* fit in these little frames from Ikea that I reused from the nursery. We might redo the lamp, too, but it's looking just fine right now. 

Here's the corner across from the crib. We found the sweet faux silk curtains at Target. We brought the rocker from the nursery so we can read books and we stole one of Audrey's dressers. 

I did these little name embroideries for each girl. I designed them myself, or rather, I found a decorative letter that was embroiderable, a font that I liked for the name, and the meaning of their name and a verse to go with it and typed it all up. I then traced it onto a piece of fabric with a wash-away fabric marker.  Then I borrowed the colors from those sweet prints and -tada!

Here's Audrey's:

I still need to hang this cross stitch. My mom did this ages ago as a baby gift that never got gifted. I found it stashed away in the trunk in my old bedroom. It just happens to be the bedtime prayer we say with the girls!  So Mom let me have it and here it is!  I reused a frame from the nursery as well. 

In order to frame these stitchings, I used a tutorial from Needle n Thread http://www.needlenthread.com/2007/12/finish-work-how-to-frame-piece-of.html

Erik ordered this fabulous monogram on eBay, painted it, and mounted it on this faux palette he distressed after watching several YouTube videos on "making old wood". Didn't he do a great job?  We did some extra backup mounting into a stud since it's pretty heavy and, well, hanging over our sleeping beauty. 

She loves her new room!

January 31, 2015

Mimi's Christmas Quilt

Mimi is the sweet lady who kept our girls during the day. Audrey started with her when she was four months old and stayed until she was 3 and started preschool. Andrea started staying with her when she was 2 months old and started preschool at 2. Needless to say, she was a big part of our girls' lives and she gets a quilt!

Mimi is a lover of Christmas, so she got a Christmas quilt. Her family makes and sells Christmas Yard Art at Canton every year, so for about 1/3 of the year, they are pretty festive in their house. 

I received this panel of snowmen years ago as a bonus with an order of fabric from a small online shop that doesn't exist anymore. I knew I wanted to cut it up and make a table runner or quilt, but it languished in the sewing room forever. 

Of course, I decided a few weeks before Christmas that this was happening, so it became a late January Christmas/farewell present. 

I fused and then raw-edge appliqu├ęd the snowflakes and then hand-quilted around them. 

I used white DMC pearl cotton size 12 to outline all of the straight lines as well. 

Here are the happy snowmen!

I used some leftover red bias tape I had for the binding. 

I backed the quilt in a flannel Christmas sheet I got on clearance at Target many years ago. It's super soft and warm!

...And the really hard to read label.  I took the girls by after school to give it to her and visit a bit. She loved it!   

January 10, 2015

Christmas Dresses

I decided to do the DIY Bishop Dress again, this time making matching Christmas dresses. 

It was fun to do it again! The fabric was a seasonal line from Connecting Threads. I made the bias binding, did the plackets the right way this time, and did French seams agan. 

This time I did little metal hooks on the back and it worked great!

I hoping they'll get to wear them a few more times, at least until Valentine's Day, right?