June 10, 2008

Random Project

My sister-in-law, Lisa, has a nephew on the way and wanted to make a gift for her sister. She asked my mom to help her jazz up some burp cloths with some fabric she bought in the currently fashionable baby boutique style. I happened to be at the house that Sunday so we all had a fun project. Here is the result! We cranked out about 2 dozen in a couple of hours. If you try this, you definitely need to wash the cloths first because they shrink like CRAZY!


FordeFam said...

Love this idea!!! I also have to say that I don't know if I could decide which of Molly's quilts I like better!!! :) I have always loved rag quilts, and have wanted to try one, but with beg squares, since I am a little intimidated!!! Hahaha! I love to crochet and need to start on another project!!! :) What a fun blog this is! ;) I don't really know that I'm a gardener either! Last year we had an abundance of tomatoes, but it was only because God let it rain so much!!! ;) I wish I was less of a wimp in this heat! :) Blessings!

Abby said...


You should do a rag quilt! It was so fast and easy. I'm hoping I can get my cousin to teach me to crochet in exchange for some quilting lessons. Because I need something else to take up my time! ;)