June 7, 2008

Savannah's Quilt

My journey into quilting began with the discovery of a box of fabric found in my great-grandmother's possessions after she passed away. It had some big pieces of fabric, but more curiously, it had a ton of squares already cut and stacked and a series of 3 squares already pieced together. I took them and said I would learn how to quilt and finish what she started. So when my dear friend Angel became pregnant with her first child, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to learn how to quilt...a baby quilt!

I ventured into Hobby Lobby and looked around and then to Wal-Mart. There, I found a book written for pre-teens/teens that walked you through the basics of making your first quilt. I bought it and then picked out a variety of white fabrics to work with. I had no idea what I was doing, but bought a plain white cotton, a pretty eyelet, a textured white cotton, a "pieced" fabric of whites with lace pieced into it, and a subtle white-on-white flower print. Amazingly, it worked out pretty well. Just basic squares. Not wanting to venture into the world of machine or hand quilting, I tied the quilt with sweet light pink ribbons. It also helped to cover up the mistakes I made lining up my seams : )

My absolute favorite thing about this quilt is that Savannah loves it. Oh, and that it hasn't fallen apart : )

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