September 13, 2008

Just to prove I'm working.

I have sewn the binding on, as you can see. I'm about 1/2 way done hand stitching and the label is set up and ready for me to sew as soon as I'm ready. I have unfortunately come to the conclusion after a miserable pathology quiz, that I do indeed need to study this semester and it will feel really nice to have this quilt finished so I can study for a while. A long, long while. All my little projects, well, I'm glad they're little projects - something I can use as my study breaks to keep me fueled and motivated and then be done with quickly.

So, anyway, I'd like you to meet my sewing machine. I got it because it was $100 and cute. It really is decent. It's a Kenmore from Sears. It's got a smathering of stitches that I've never used and I think a buttonhole feature. I really should sit down and read the manual one of these days and go outside of my sewing box...

And these are my friends that keep me company while I sew (or really just get in the way).


nessadee said...

Your sewing machine is so cute! My sewing machine has a plethora of functions I've never used, and I don't even know where the manual is. Oh well.

Chris and Jill said...

Love your kitty helpers! We have 2 and they are always SUCH helpful little companions anytime I am in the kitchen ;-) Other times, not as much, LOL!