December 29, 2008

Just to Warn You...

Starting this Saturday around 4:oo pm CST (hopefully earlier) I will be begin completing 2 quilts, a tutu, hand towels and matching hot pads/oven mitt, scarves, hopefully an apron, and piecing 2 quilts. OH, and a pillow. And maybe some burp cloths.

(Note: This is everything I had planned to do over my Christmas break but have been unable to do because I have been studying non-stop for my national boards. This includes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and it will include New Year's Eve and New Year's day. If the library were open on holidays, I would be there. And yes, I had a breakdown.)

I can't wait! There should be some serious blog updating going on over here!

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nessadee said...

Happy New Year and happy 6 years! I love that you try your dress on every year. I used to tell Jonathan I loved my dress so much and planned to wear it around the house. Can't wait to see all of the projects!