June 2, 2009

On to the quilting part of quilting...

I spent the day yesterday piecing the back for my t-shirt quilt. I had so many random pieces left over and the mention of improvisational piecing in the last post of the tutorial stuck with me, so I busted out with some improv squares to fill up some space on the back. It was a lot of fun and my new iron made it really nice! (Thanks to Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio for your recommendation - you were spot on!) It's pretty modern - so modern that Erik turned up his nose when I showed it to him. Hmph. I like it!

Here are my blocks up close...

I started basting the t-shirt quilt and realized I would run out of safety pins, so I decided to stipple this quilt so I could use the pins it was basted with : )

So, first stippling experience on a quilt:

1) Slow and steady wins the race - as far as moving the quilt goes. I finally got down a good needle speed vs. moving speed. When I'd slow down the moving, and think about breathing, the stitches really would be more even.

2) Your bobbin really has to be wound properly. One wasn't just right and the tension got all screwed up after I'd quilted an entire section. Out came the seam reaper, I mean, ripper. Sigh.

3) I had the top thread break on me, which was also discouraging. I sat there thinking, "This does not happen when you hand quilt!" But I ate those thoughts when I finished quilting the entire quilt in some unknown but extremely short amount of time.

Then I had the pins I needed to finish basting my t-shirt quilt. Which I am quilting today. : )

This quilt is for my sister-in-law's cousin who is having a baby girl in a couple of weeks. She was at Lisa's shower for Molly and made it very clear that when she had a baby she wanted a quilt like Molly's. Just a brown binding and this new little girl will have her quilt!

I think I've decided that Erik has done himself in by encouraging me to machine quilt. It may be faster, but that will only allow me to make MORE quilts in the same amount of time. ; )


nessadee said...

Can I be your sister-in-law's cousin? I LOVE that quilt! Such pretty colors.

nessadee said...

A quilt/painting swap would be awesome! What size, colors, style did you have in mind??

Jackie said...

I love the backing on your quilt! The back will be just as pretty as the front!