July 12, 2009

I'm a Dental Nerd

I made this cake last Tuesday for a friend at dental school turning 23. The debate was whether or not it was tooth #18 or #31. It's a chocolate cake, hence the rampant decay and need for extraction by the oral surgery resident hopeful. I enjoyed the challenge of sculpting it, but not the challenge of driving it to school as it is smaller on bottom than on top!
You can also see in the background that Erik's been tiling the backsplashes in the kitchen and doing a marvelous job. Can't wait to see the finished product with grout and all.
And that quilt I'm working on? You know, the one I hoped to have basted before the weekend is over? Well, it's quilted and I'm sewing on the binding. In a fit of mania I just went for it. I also sewed through my left index finger in the process, but all is good and it will definitely be ready for the wedding this weekend. I'm hesitant to show it to you just yet...

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nessadee said...

This is awesome! I saw your link on Camille's site. I figured you would participate when I saw the post, so I went looking for you.

We haven't seen much of Dan yet because he's back and forth between TX and Cali getting his stuff moved. Hopefully he'll get settled and we can plan some big get together.

I'm a little bombarded right now with projects, so I haven't researched quilts much. I have a few pics of quilts that I've saved because I love the bright cheery colors, but they don't match anything in my house. I think some redecorating is in order! :)