July 23, 2009

It's Nifty Being Thrifty

Just some bragging after some serious shopping success, if you will indulge me!

After a fruitless trip to Helping Hands, our local thrift store, my mom and I decided on a whim to go back on Tuesday. Ya know, just for kicks. As I turned the corner into the main part of the store...there it was. The armoir we've been dreaming about. A new arrival that day. All for me! A great deal for $200!

Spurred on by my good fortune, I started prowling craigslist.com for another steal. Erik had me out in the thrift stores looking for a dining room table to no avail. But there on craigslist, in a town only minutes away from us was this beauty! I had to fight for her...there was competition and an owner that wouldn't cooperate, but it all worked out in the end and we even got to throw in a nice dinner with my parents on the way back from picking it up!

The bowl I found on the same day as the armoir at the thrift store. Isn't it pretty? $15

I also found this mirror for the "boy" room in the new casa which will be Texas themed pending the completion of my bandana quilt and a mattress to put it on! Six dollars!

And last, but not least, a stash of vintage sheets and pillow cases! (Well, the halloween pillow case at the top isn't really vintage, but how fun is that?) Some are from my mom and some from a thrift store nearby. I see a pretty blue and yellow vintage sheet quilt in my future. That blue on the bottom is zig-zags, so I can't get that out of my head for a quilt pattern. We'll see...

Ok, no shopping and only quilting for a while! I'm going to meet a new set of twins next week and I can't go empty handed!


Jackie said...

I CLEARLY need to go shopping with you! I never seem to find anything that I need! Love what you've found and at such good prices too!

Ellen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Your quilts are beautiful! (I especially like the Aggie T-shirt quilt, but that's probably because I'm class of '06!) You should REALLY come to the guild . . . I would love to meet you! It is hard to find young quilters around here! Email me if you feel like coming next week! lamb_ellen@yahoo.com!

Lovely At Your Side said...

ah! it's so exciting finding great pieces on the cheap! i collect pitchers and found one for 25 cents the other day at a church thrift store..also your quilts are beautiful, it's such an addicting and back breaking (literally a pain in my back) activity. i hope you come by to see my quilted aprons, they're going up soon! i sewed three days straight, i was so obsessed with them!!

xx. Jenny from Lovely At Your Side
www. lovelyatyourside.com