July 30, 2009

No, You're Not Seeing Double...

Yes, I have lost my mind. Finished these up today and will spend my evening quilting a(nother) wedding quilt for this weekend.

These are for Mary Kate and Emory, my cousin's new twin girls. I have reports that they will match their nusery perfectly. That makes me giddy!

They are smaller, around 40x40", and made with Shangri-La by Moda, some off-white fabric from JoAnn, and what turned out to be curtain lining fabric. That's what you get when you dive into fabric from someone else's stash.

The quilts began as nine patches-to-be-disappearing nine patches, but they ended up just turned inside-out. Kind of. I just sliced and diced and put the big remaining squares back together.
It's all super random this way and I like it.

The backing is solid but I did make the binding from the blue floral fabric. I like it. I stitched-in-the-ditch on this one because of the square patterns, and it's ok. Not a huge fan.

Just a few labels and these will be in the mail since we didn't make it to Houston (long story). I'm so excited for them to get a fun, unexpected package!

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Lovely At Your Side said...

beautiful! love it! Olivia just finished up some quilts for some new babies in our life today, they're very exciting quilts to make..you know how special the quilts will be to them. so beautiful. i love that the quilts are very similar but not the same exactly.. just like sisters or twins!
XX Jenny