August 17, 2009

Artistic Sistahs

3 of them, of different varieties.

1) My biological sister, Casey:

Check it out! She's at the University of North Texas doing her student teaching for Art Ed. Talented, no? I got none of that drawing/painting/sketching mojo. You've already seen this one she did for me.

2) My little sib sistah at dental school, Lauren:

Seriously good stuff. Some of it's for sale here:

She was recently commissioned by the dental school to do this.

3) Last but not least, from my *family* in Austin, Vanessa:

She even has an etsy shop.

I'm in love with all her stuff, but especially the murals in her home. She just blogged about her son's room, seen here. Pregnant and painting...all this (oh and the rest of the room)? Wow.

I'm proud of my gals!


Rê Cicca said...

Crafts lê

nessadee said...

Thanks Abby!! And what a talented family you have! I loved seeing your sister's blog. I'm still going to get the quilts to you...I'm in the middle of a project right now for a children's book contest. My deadline's next Tuesday, so after that, I'll be able to breathe for a moment.

Miss you guys!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful talent you have throughout your family! My whole family is not artistic in the least bit (but I could do math in my sleep)!