October 15, 2009

Great Little Tutorials!

Just so you know, I'm going to be making one of these:
It's a value quilt and Willy-Nilly has graciously provided the tutorial to get me started. (photo from Willy-Nilly...)

Many of you know that I love to add hand-embroidered labels to my quilts. This is a really great tutorial going on over at Needle 'N Thread and after 2 posts, I've already learned a lot!

I'm still in my early days of crocheting. A friend of mine was asking for someone to help her learn to crochet on FB today, so I started looking to see what the internet had to offer. I give you, the Crochet Guild of America, which has great tutorials on the basics of crocheting!

I'm also enjoying Bella Dia, the other brainchild of Cassi from the Crafty Crow. She offers a Pocket Stitch Book available over at Sew, Mama, Sew! for all your stitching needs. Very handy!Check out her patterns and tutorials in the left side-bar. You'll be glad you did!

I'm off for a bit of a quilting marathon! I can put off studying until Sunday, so I'm taking advantage of it!


julie said...

Look how great your blog looks!!! Great job! I'm gonna have to check out all of your links!

julie said...

Oh! And I LOVE Pioneer Woman too! My sister just told me about her blog this last weekend and I cannot stop reading it! It is huge, you can get lost...

Val said...

abby..you're so talented, I'm still trying to sew two pieces of fabric together without it looking stupid!

Andrea said...

Hi, It was nice to hear from another surviver of the Grand Canyon. You kind of form a invisible bond with fellow hikers that have made it to the bottom.
I have never been a athlete, but I did have personal pride in actually making it out of that big hole.
This time my knees haven't quite recovered. I have a weird clicking coming from one of them. I might see a docter about it.
I am 46 years old and didn't start hiking until last year. It's weird to think that 20 years ago I couldn't have done the canyon. I am in better shape now.