February 7, 2010

My Super Day!

I finished my value quilt top!


It's been a long time coming!

Earlier today, we had lunch at Nanna's.  She brought out a really neat thing:

This is a signature quilt made by my great-grandmother's guild!  Wow.  There's a lot of my family in there.


That's Nanny Burks' block - my great-grandmother.


That's my Nanna's block.

Her sister's block.

Her cousin - I think...

I believe this is my great-great-grandmother's.  Some of these end blocks got tucked under this crazy wrap-around binding - you can see it through the white


This is Aunt Bertha's block - it's her quilt top I'm quilting right now.

It was given to my grandmother recently by a woman she grew up with...I don't know whose block she's related to or why she was willing to part with it, but I certainly am glad she did!  It's in pretty bad shape, but my Nanna got some good advice about rinsing some of the stains out.  Unfortunately, there are some tears and holes that are beyond repair and one of the sigs is missing and repaired by a patch.

What a great, great find!


Joanne said...

What a great family heirloom. ♥

Chris said...

Such a rich family history, all right there in a quilt. Such a treasure!

Ellen said...

Lucky you with the family quilts! And I love the value quilt!

Jackie said...

Your value quilt is gorgeous! How wonderful to get a quilt with all your family's blocks.

Psalm112 said...

Beautiful! What a precious gift!!!