March 20, 2010

Midterm Madness

It was midterm week here in dental crazy land.  Tests were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and the rest of the week I tried to take it easy.  Two more tests next week and then I have nothing but patients for a good long time.  Even finals seem to be light.  *Sigh of relief*
This is the designated school area in my sewing room.  I'm thinking about shoving it in the closet and bringing all my pretty fabrics out to display instead.  I like that idea!

On a happier note, my beloved iron came back to life!  I think the steam did a number on the electrical wiring or something a while back while I was having a fabric washing/ironing/folding marathon.  Maybe it just needed time to dry out?  Who cares, she's back and the Rowenta is back on the shelf in the closet where it can't spit water and mineral deposit goo on my fabric.

So today, as it is cold and rainy with a chance of another snow (yeah, whatever  it actually happened!), I ironed and folded my Amy Butler stash I got for Christmas....plans in the works....

And finished the blocks and pieced them all together for another project I'm working on.  Borders to be attached tomorrow.  I need to make it bigger and I'm tired of squares.  I'm thinking first a thin-ish maroon border, then a pieced one, then a brown one.  We'll see.  Maybe I'll get lazy and leave out the pieced one. : )

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Jackie said...

Good luck with exams! I'm sure you'll do fine. I can understand why you would want to move the books and put pretty fabric there instead. You are probably sick of studying!