May 7, 2010

Check this out!

A friend from high school has this great blog about all things decorating called Hey Now, Whoa Now.  It's super cute! You should go check it out.  Her name is Amy and you'll like her a lot : )

She took some time to take some photos and blog about another friend (also from high school, well, two high schools, actually...).  Specifically, she blogged about my friend's black and white (and a little red) nursery - also super, super cute!

It's just a glimpse of the cuteness - seeing it in person is so much more fun!  Especially because there's a cute little boy involved.  But look what I found:

photo by Amy Hadley

It's always nice to know they're still alive and have good homes once they leave your hands : )  I still am in love with this quilt...especially the Elvis fabric. 

1 comment:

Amy said...

And that wasn't staged! Your quilt is right on top. Elvis does not go unnoticed.:)