May 11, 2010


There have been a handful of basic quilting technique tutorials out in the blogosphere lately.  Ya know, things like how to piece perfect corners, how to baste your quilt...basics.  As a self-taught, impatient, non-traditional quilter, I pretty much break all the rules and I feel the need to confess.  Just a few things to get off my chest:

1) I don't alternate the direction of my seams so they nest nicely and neatly in each other, nor do I press them open.  I press them.  And whatever direction they go, so be it. 

2) I don't tape my quilt backing to a hard surface so that things are nice and taut and then baste.  I smooth everything out *real nice* on the carpet (please use the voice of Cousin Eddie in your head as you read this), make my layers line up *real nice*, plop a few safety pins in the middle to hold it all in place in the center, roll it up, and take it to the couch to sit in front of the t.v. and my lap.  No kidding.  In my lap. On the couch. Oh, I make it taut between my knees and smooth carefully as I radiate out, but I have to be comfortable as I do this : )  Does it work?  Absolutely.  I dare you to try it.  Sometimes I sit on the floor, but that's as close to basting on the floor as I get.

3)  I don't pin, as a general rule. I find that it's an extra step that just takes up time.  And I tend to drop pins on the floor all the time, so then I have to pick them up.  Even more time.

4)  Rotary cutting is not about accuracy for me.  In fact, I'm such a chicken that I'll cut something just short of what it's supposed to measure that I always overcompensate and then I forget to go back and accurately square things up.  Oops.

5) Steam or no steam in my iron?  It totally depends on whether or not there is any water in my iron or if there's any water in the water bottle I keep upstairs or if I'm too lazy to go downstairs from my sewing room to get more water.  I don't even know when you're supposed to use it and when you're not.

6)  Seam rippers should only be used in dire circumstances, like when the tension goes out on me while quilting.  Corners don't line up?  No problem.  I have the wrong color thread in the bobbin while piecing?  No one will see it.  We're talking time, people!

7)  Patterns take too much thinking.  And you generally have to pay money for them, although there are a lot of great free patterns out there, now.  I'm just so bad at reading and interpreting someone else's description of something.  If I make it up, I know what I'm talking about.  And seriously, you want me to cut how many 2 3/4 x 5 7/8" rectangles?  Really?  Who makes up those measurements and then who actually accurately cuts them?  Sorry, I'm just trying to justify my rebellion and fear.  Patterns actually scare me.  Give me a picture, I'll copy it.  It's how I made cakes....

Ok, I feel MUCH better now.  Back to finals.  And dinner....


Jessica said...

Oh, we are such similar quilters!

Ellen said...

Uh . . . Whoop for honesty! :)

Jackie said...

You have a natural talent!!!

trish said...

I love it! :o) Especially #7! I am a "whole number" kinda gal here. :o) I can always square it up later.
Have a nice evening. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia