October 16, 2010

Howdy, Folks!

Yeah, that's Big Tex.

Erik and I had the privilege of joining our friends Jon and Kim at the Great State Fair of Texas today.
It was a rough day.  I've been on Weight Watchers for 3 weeks now, lost 5 pounds, and was faced with the need for a Fletcher's corny dog regardless of how many points it comes out to be worth.

Let's just say the number of tickets roughly equals the number of Weight Watchers points.

Unfortunately for my weekly points allowance, I also sampled the fried frito pie (amazing) and fried pecan pie (yum!).   I'll be lacing up my tennis shoes tomorrow for my sins today!

Now, I know this picture is terrible, and I forgot that my flash was on, and the Aggies did lose today, but the blue ribbon says it all ; )  Whoop!  I would have loved to have this afgan on my dorm room bed!

But we all know the real reason I'd be interested in going to a state fair... QUILTS!

Amidst the grand tradition of traditional quilts, quite a few stood out to me.

I really love the colors and pattern in this red, white, and blue quilt.

Here's a blue ribbon on a Christmas quilt.  I like the simplicity of the Christmas tree construction.

A lovely cathedral window quilt.

This is a 30's quilt - just loved the block pattern.

Some really nice trapunto.  My husband was really impressed with this quilting method.

A little nod to the wonky and some Kaffe Fassett.  Definitely the least traditional quilt there.

Another 30's quilt that I liked.

We had a really great morning, came home and Erik put the finishing touches on this sofa/entry table he's been building.  We brought it in from the garage, I raided the closets for decorator items that haven't quite found a home yet, and, viola!  Well, almost - I'll be looking for some flowers to fill that little ceramic pot to add some color and height on the right side.  Didn't he do a great job?

Tomorrow I hope to get lots of laundry and sewing done after church.  I got my kona white in the mail from Simply Solid Fabric (great new shop with great service!), so my projects can carry on!


Jackie said...

Erik really is talented! Your decorating always sets off his work perfectly too.

Sewjoe said...

Beautiful table! Thanks for posting the quilt pictures too!!

nessadee said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! I love the quilt pics! Thanks for the well wishes for my dad.

nessadee said...

also, happy belated birthday!! I need to add your birthday to my giant list of September b-days. It seems most the people I know were born that month!