December 20, 2010

My Crafty Husband is at it Again

This time it's a real bed for the "boy" bedroom we have staged in our house.

It's a full-sized bed modeled after the Pottery Barn "Farmhouse" bed as featured on Ana White's handy little site.

He's getting pretty good at this, huh?  The next step is some staining samples before deciding on the final finish.  It's going to look great in that room!  

I really need to start leaning on him for a sewing table...

FYI, I finished the last day of my dental boards today, so no more studying!  Tomorrow:  sleep late, Kerbey Lane gingerbread pancakes for breakfast, a cup of Christmas Blend coffee, and I'm off to my sewing machine!  There's just so much to do!


Jackie said...

Congrats on finishing your boards! I know you must be glad to have that behind you!

Your husband is so talented and the bed is gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Love it! We may have to ask for his expertise and help in one for Molly's room ;)

Anonymous said...

The bed looks great. I am trying to build a similar one in twin. Can you tell me what size boards were used?