January 7, 2011

Not Much to Report

I'm 5 weeks 3 days.  23 days post ovulation.  My boobs hurt in the morning, I'm not really feeling sick but if I ever feel anything it's at night.  I felt worse before I knew I was pregnant.  I pee constantly.  I have a great appetite for the most part.  I wasn't too excited about my pad thai the other night and I think that says something.  It makes me edgy that I don't feel pregnant, but I'm trying to get past that.  I should appreciate it, right?

I didn't drink my champagne at my "congratulations for passing boards" party last night and Erik tried to drink mine for me so it wouldn't be so obvious.  We got home and he asked me if I'd told my mom.  Seriously?  I assured him I hadn't told anyone, but that the anti-champagne stunt I just pulled was probably a glaring signal.  It makes me nervous to tell anyone until like 30 weeks!  I am on high alert for a miscarriage and going bonkers.  But staying positive.  There's a plan for all of this.  The days go by very slowly and it will probably be a blessing in disguise to go back to school and have bigger fish to fry.

Edited to add:  I would like to note for future reference that I do have a perma-zit on my chin that is quite lovely.  My emotions are a little more on edge than usual.  Then again, who doesn't cry while watching "Say Yes to the Dress"?

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