July 10, 2011

Feathering the Nest

Slowly, but surely, we're starting to get some of the big projects for baby rolling.

Every thing we have picked out so far has taken so much shopping and decision making: I really am exhausted.  My beloved husband really does have good taste, but he insists on being a part of picking out EVERYTHING which can make it a little time consuming.  I mean even the lamp was a big deal.  But everything looks great so far and I still love him!

The largest task we have tackled was picking out fabrics to go in these frames and the quilt.  As much as I love picking out and purchasing fabric, this task got so long-winded, I finally had to say, "We're not buying anymore fabric."  My green stash overfloweth.   We got the frames from IKEA and the fabric from every local quilt shop in the area and a few online stores (Sew Fresh Fabrics and Connecting Threads).  The framed fabric came out great and will look even better up on the walls!  

The crib was another issue, but this time, I struggled with internet shopping as we changed crib choices many times due to cribs being out of stock, the wrong color, safety recalls, you name it.  We couldn't find any bedding sets we liked, so we're mix and matching and I'll make the quilt.

This is the lamp we finally settled on, and I've been working on the lattice for the shade based on a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  I ended up just having to wing it because this (and most) lamp shades are bigger at the bottom than they are at the top, whereas the tute had the same circumference top and bottom.  But it's looking good - I ran out of ribbon, so it's not quite
 finished yet.

And I finally gave in to temptation.  One of the "perks" of not finding out the gender of your baby is that you save lots of money by not being able to buy cute gender specific clothes for your baby.  It's torture.  So I found these super great buys on these super cute clothes at Kohl's and they let you take anything back, so the receipt is safely stashed away until baby comes.  Or, I have a ready-to-go baby gift to stash for the future!

Now that we've picked the fabrics for the frames, I have freedom to start cutting for the quilt!  I always intended to join the Fat Quarterly Jelly Roll quilt along and never got around to it, so here goes nothing!  I'll be doing the fat quarter version, and I've cut 12 out of 80 blocks so far! : )

I'll be 8 months on Wednesday ; )


Lisa said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see the finished nursery! And of course so excited and can't wait to meet my nephew or niece.

meli B said...

You need to slow down or else there will be nothing left for your friends to buy! Good luck. You won't know where you are in a few months time. Nothing is going to get done. Actually, maybe it's good you have prepared so much.