April 3, 2015

Some Projects I've Finished

I've been wanting to make some bow organizers now that my girls have hair (ha!) and finally got around to it. I used a couple of frames from Ikea, some fat quarters, batting, ribbon and hot glue. I took lots of pictures as I did it and I'll post a tutorial later. Super cute, huh?

I've also been dreaming of an Easter tree, but gave up on finding one with branches, and went with an Christmas tree turned Easter tree concept. I got a foam cone, some glitter eggs from the dollar store, and used every bit of happy ribbon in my stash. Plus some. It is so happy!

Now, back to my main project. Quilting Audrey's quilt is taking forever!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Love the bow organizer. Now if I could just get a granddaughter!