June 7, 2008

Caleb's Quilt

With the onset of dental school, all quilting came to a halt. But with Angel pregnant with kiddo #2, I wanted to make him a quilt as well. Since he was due around Christmas, I decided I could whip out a baby quilt in a few weeks after finals. Once I was on break, I bought the coolest fabrics to match his bedding (blues and browns). I've decided I really like to use textured fabrics in my quilts to make them interesting. I used a dark brown corduroy, a lighter brown flannel, a pretty dark navy silk, a light blue and white checked silk and some good ol' normal blue and brown cottons.

I literally cut and pieced this quilt in a very long day. Some quilters would think that's no big deal, but I seem to be a bit slower at piecing - I blame it on my sewing machine. Then I was off to hand quilting...just nice straight vertical lines. It turned out really cool, but I did end up needing a bit more time. I was even quilting in the waiting room as he was delivered!

I used a pre-made satin ribbon binding and I honestly regret it. It looks ok, but the corners are a bit odd and I plan to stick to normal bias strips in the future. I just hope Caleb likes it as much as Savannah likes hers!

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