June 8, 2008

NaNa's Quilt

On a random visit to my NaNa's after school one day, she gave me a large amount of red, white, and blue fabric that she had intended to use to make a banner for the 4th. Of course that meant I had to make a patriotic quilt for her using it. I kinda hemmed and hawed about what pattern to use...I wanted stars in it somehow, but didn't think I was ready to start delving into triangles. I searched the web and found some candidates, but settled on...you guessed it...good ol' fashioned stars, triangles and all. This is what I modeled it after...

I went shopping for all kinds of fabric and it ended up being kinda scrappy with most of the fabric she gave me on the back (!) and most of the star centers are a different fabric. I worried it would be too busy, but I like it.

I did this quilt a la Abby by making up my own dimensions for a pattern and just kinda guessing as I went. I did research 1/2 square triangle methods and picked one that I may or may not keep. My accuracy just isn't the best in the world. I later learned that I could have used a flying geese method that would have saved some time, but I'll save that for later. I also like to blame my inaccuracies on the yucky white fabric I can't seem to stop using. I got it for Savannah's quilt, and while it's pretty and textured, it continuously shrinks whenever I put an iron to it even after being washed...and ironed! It will be thrown out, although that's hard for a quilter to do.

It was hard to work on this during school, but I wanted it ready for NaNa's 80th. Unfortunately, I had to settle for pieced by her 80th, and I'll have it quilted by the 4th. Very appropriate : ) I'm hand quilting it...a 5-point star in the center of each square and the rest is just outlined. Gotta get to moving on it as my deadline quickly approaches!

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