June 9, 2008

Molly's "REAL" Quilt

I'm a glutton, I know. But when you find the fabric, it's like a sign from God that the quilt must come into existence.

I ventured back into triangles, but this time it was 1/4 square triangles. These were probably the most accurate piecing I've done. Assembling the rows, however, stiill a ways to go. But I'm my harshest critic. I went free-style on this one and it's proved a challenge to my imagination and spatial abilities (no matter what the PAT on the DAT says) but I am overcoming. I quilted hearts and crosses and flowers and swirlies...all kinds of stuff. I also attempted successfully, I think, my first applique - it's way cute if I must say so myself. I'm also very proud of my first REAL binding with true miters and bias seams. I must give props to Jeannette White from Expert Village.com for her videos on quilting. If you're learning how to quilt, I highly recommend watching her videos.

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