August 12, 2008

Greg's Quilt

I've finally finished Nicole's quilt. The hurdle this time was finding the right shade of light olive green cotton fabric. I searched Hobby Lobby and Walmart, even Hancock's, but eventually I had to venture out of my comfort zone and explore the world of.....the local quilt shop. I checked out Texas Quilt Works in Rockwall and met Kim who helped me search. We couldn't find anything, but she referred me to Thomas' in Mesquite where she thought she saw something that would work the day before. Good call, Kim! Mom and I pretty much just walked in the door and found what we needed (we also found an amazing collection of Beatrix Potter fabric for future purposes...). Sigh of relief! Mind you, it's not my cheap Walmart fabric, nor my semi-reasonably priced Hobby Lobby fabric, but it's what I needed.

Layout was a little more complicated on this one as I didn't want it to look like a Twister game with the dots. Putting the name in the middle of the dots broke up that issue and the back is just left over strips surrounded by sashing with my first attempt at blocks in the corners of the sashing.

I'm using cotton batting for the first time which I have already found to hold together better and stay softer longer than the poly. I soaked it in the washing machine and partially tumble dried it to avoid further shrinking, although I don't think I'd mind the older look that shrinking gives quilts.

I appliqued the name and circles and quilted the outline of them. I was slightly tempted to stop there so it would be ready for the shower, but went ahead and taped 'er up and sewed some channels. I used bought bias and did a much better job after a little practice under my belt and the lack of the pressure to finish a binding in under 4 hours (maybe a little slow, but I finish by hand, give me a break ; ) )

I already presented the unfinished product at the shower and I think she's happy. She divulged the sex and name of the baby so his name could appear on the quilt ; )

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