September 1, 2008

ok, fine....

So I didn't finish the quilt. I got super bummed out when I realized how behind I was in school, and then blogger completely failed me and I spent way too much time trying to fix this blog only to have to resort to some crazy HTML fixin' which I'm finally happy with. I did finish the structural quilting to every corner and did about 3 stars. If I do a star here and there this week and hit it hard next weekend, I should be good.

In the mean time, I hit up Walmart for some awesome tulle and ribbon for some tutus for a few little girls I know who need one. I also managed some clearance bargains and discovered the $2-3 patterns and went a little crazy. Ok, a lot. I found some great apron patterns, a bag pattern, scrub patterns (hey, I can give it a go...), a really, really cute baby dress pattern with a bonnet (!), and some others I'm forgetting. They all said "easy" on them, so I'm hoping for the best : )

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Anonymous said...

Abby might want to look at your apron patterns sometime.