September 27, 2008

Successful Practice Run

This is probably the easiest thing I've ever made. I made 2 tutus in the span of probably 30 mins or so. Once I got the assembly line down, it was easy to do in front of the television and didn't make a mess of any significance at all.

I did buy by the bolt (cheaper) and it wasn't that difficult to cut. Later, I found some spools on sale at Hobby Lobby, so I bought maroon and white for a lucky little Aggie. These are pink and white with sparkles. I added the pink ribbon, which I think, really makes it.

Tomorrow I'm going to do Savannah's and fancy it up a little bit more.

Wanna make one? Check out this tutorial:

Since the recipients of these tutus were not at hand, Mr. Bear obliged and modeled for us:

I think he likes them!

Can't wait to get these to their new owners!

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