December 22, 2008

Working Through the Mess

I'm all organized, now ; ) Yes, that's a lot of projects.

And I finished quilting this. Not sure if the future owner checks this blog at all, but I'm taking my chances. The colors will at least be a surprise. Note to self: just because you snagged your cousin's DSLR for a bit, it doesn't magically make your pictures better - you still have to use a flash.

Also, I hate my walking foot. I CANNOT get an even stitch for the life of me. Is this the refurbished sewing machine coming back to haunt me? I looked online for ideas, and made sure to rethread the top thread and the bobbin, and make sure my bobbin is wound correctly, I tried to manage the weight the quilt was putting on the machine. I made sure I was only guiding the fabric and not pulling. I went at a moderate speed. I even switched back to my regular foot. Any suggestions? I know I'm still learning to use this machine, but I should be able to get an even stitch. I feel like I ruined this quilt, but I know the recipient will love it no matter what.

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