December 20, 2008

How My Life Changed Once School Was Out

Thursday night, Roxy and I studied for my last final:

After I took it, I got to open my Christmas present from Elizabeth - this awesome bag from Ecuador! Those strawberries are all embroidered. No printed fabric here!

Then I cast my bridge. No time to gather up silver or gold scraps, so I didn't get to make any jewelry. I may go ahead and bring my waxing materials home and get the patterns made for some other time : )
Then I drove straight out to the house we're building to find the outside air conditioner being installed and the gas line connected! Now we can plant grass in that empty area up front. Once the cold front passes.

I then proceeded to get my Christmas shopping done. Target + Hobby Lobby + Walmart from the night before (before I had to replace my radiator hose and then study for my last final) and I'm done! Any handmade gifts from here on out are icing on the cake.

While I continued quilting a baby quilt, I took breaks and fished all the baking wares out of the pantry to figure out what I could make. That will come in due time.

I also picked up some super big bags to organize my sewing projects. Once I get fabric picked out and cut, it's just easier to have it all bagged separately so it doesn't get lost in the jungle. This is a sign I have too many projects going on at once. That will happen tomorrow.

Then I made some "cheater" fudge. Mom and I actually plan on trying to make real fudge via Nana's recipe, but I had all the ingredients and saw the recipe on Puking Pastilles' blog, so I went for it. Now when I say I had all the ingredients, I had everything but marshmallow creme, but I had marshmallows. And you can substitute that and add a little corn syrup and you're good to go. But I thought, "Why melt the marshmallows first in a double boiler and get more bowls dirty when I can just melt it all at once in the microwave?" Well, because the marshmallows won't melt as fast as the chocolate chips and you end up with little chunkies of marshmallow in the fudge. I kept heating it, and was afraid that the chocolate would get too hot and seize, so I stopped with lumpy fudge. Is that a bad thing? Only if you want smooth fudge. Is it still very fast chocolatey goodness? Yes. Yes it is. With marshmallow surprises on the inside!

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Allyson Hill said...

The fudge looks so yummy! I'm going to give marshmallow-making a try tonight, hope it goes well! Thanks for stopping by and have fun with your pie, it looks like you've got a lot going on!