January 4, 2009

Advent Calendar Sew Along

I did it. I joined my first sew along. Now, I feel obligated to join a quilt along since that is what I really do...most of the time, anyway. But I REALLY want to make an advent calendar. I actually "got" one in a gift swap that's super cute, but I had planned on making one, and my friend Vanessa gave me this link to The Crafty Crow, which has a myriad of options for advent calendars (one of which she and her daughter Audrie made). Then, the sew along came along and I couldn't resist. So here I go.

I actually found this picture of a wall hanging a while back, and thought it would make a great advent calendar with a little modification. So, here goes nothing! I may scrap the whole hexagon thing, make the body of the tree one big piece, and attach little pockets with numbers with the 25 at the top, of course. I'll probably applique the star since that seems to be my thing right now.

Since I have a lot on my plate right now, my plan for January is to get the fabric (hopefully mostly from my stash!) and draw up my plan. Then, hopefully everyone else's posts and the button on my page will remind me to make progress every month!

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