January 7, 2009

Enjoying my Break

It was kind of strange typing that title, as most of the world is back at work or school and back to "normal". I, however, just started my real break where I actually get to quilt and sew and be. And it's actually kind of nice to do all that alone, with everyone else back in the real world.

The binding on my latest baby quilt will be finished tonight! Picture will follow tomorrow.

I started the quilt for my sister-in-law. She picked all the fabrics and designed it herself and did an AMAZING job for someone who doesn't really sew. I've been super worried because the fabrics are a mix of decorator weight, minkee, and satin. No quilting fabric. Yikes. But so far, I have no complaints. : ) So far. I haven't decided if I'm going to follow this method used by Cherri at Cherry House quilts for quilting minkee, or Amanda Jean's from Crazy Mom Quilts. But I'm definitely keeping these tips in mind from All People Quilt.

Meanwhile, the weather continues to warm up around here, which means I get to plant grass at the new house tomorrow. But the cats are happy about it : )

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Anonymous said...

Abby, this picture of the cats cracks me up. They each have a window! I didn't know that your parents have a cat (or is that Casey's cat). Also loved the picture of you girls in tutus.