January 20, 2009

Adventures with Spray Adhesive

I had several awaiting projects that needed spray adhesive. I finally bought some, ventured outside and made these:

1) tri-fold science fair board + white flannel from the clearance bin = design board

I also have some grommets I plan to put through it on one of the short ends so I can hang it flat (temporarily) on the wall for better viewing. Then it's easy to tuck away behind a desk or bookshelf or under a bed or...you get the idea. These are usually 48" x x36" which isn't a far cry from a baby quilt...

2) Very late Christmas presents in the form of make-your-own thermal mugs quilter style:

Also my first improvisational "blocks" - LOVED it! You might recognize the scraps from some previous quilts...

After piecing, I thought some stabilizer would be enough to stiffen them up and shove them in the mugs, but you definitely need cardstock and spray adhesive.

For my fun friends Elizabeth and Rudy Garza, because you can't have enough of these in dental school.

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