January 27, 2009

a little restless...

I'm trying to study, but can't help but stare at the names of schools running across the television screen indicating closings or late openings tomorrow due to ICE STORM '09, as they call it. One can only hope...and dream...of either a morning to sleep in or a day to study (mostly) and sew (as much as I can).

I've been going through withdrawals a bit as school ramps back up and sewing slows down. I passed my boards, which is HUGE news, but school goes on and instead of making quilts and crafts, I'm making dentures and bridges. We did learn a few suture "stitches" which is as close to sewing as I'm gonna get at school, so I'll take it : )

Monika's quilt is being hand quilted - stitch in the ditch with an "X" across each square. It works well with the style of the quilt and goes quickly...I just need the time to work on it.

The only other project I have in motion right now is my bandanna quilt just waiting to be quilted. This puts me in a bit of a spot - this is the point at which I get the itch to start cutting fabric for the next project. As each day goes on, it gets soooo much harder to resist. We'll see how long I last!


nessadee said...

love the new blog look!

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

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