January 31, 2009

Baby Shower Strikes Again

No, these pictures are not in black and white. But the burp rags are. I'm loving the Michael Miller dot! You can't really tell here, but I topstitched everything in red. Because those are Chanel's colors for "The Peach" as she and Brian call the baby of unknown sex they are having, oh, like any day now: black, white, and a hint of "Red" (which might end up being the baby's name (or Ruby)...we'll find out soon!)

This helps a little with the restlessness, but it only makes me want to cut up the rest of the fabric and make a quilt.
Maybe I'll cut during pre-game hoopla and then work on hand quilting Monika's quilt during the game so I won't miss any commercials. Now THAT'S the way to "watch" the Super Bowl. : )

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