February 26, 2009

Times, they are a-changin'

This week has not gone at all like I had imagined. After enjoying all the great people that stopped by this here blog, I was knocked on my rear by the flu. 3 days on the couch and I didn't even feel like sewing one bit. In the midst of the flu, we got our certificate of occupancy for the house we have been building. Have I ever shown you the house?
Yeah, we built that. Not by ourselves, and more of my husband than me, but it's still pretty cool.
So, now we need to move, I'm still recovering, I REALLY need to finish Sydney's quilt, and midterms have begun.

On top of all that, I'm taunted (yes, taunted) by fun projects to start like, oh, say this quilt along in the works by Elizateth at oh, fransson! or the advent calendar sew-along I'm supposed to be in (which is the first thing I'm working on as soon as this quilt is bound!), not to mention the Christmas BOM with some seriously cute embroidery (which is a nice way to mix it up a bit - and something I could work on during lunch at school ; ))

So, life turned upside down? Yes. Is that a good thing? Mostly yes. I can do without the flu-shot dodging virus anyday.


chq said...

So sorry to hear that the flu has caught up with you, and thrown you for a loop. How wonderful though about your house!

Thanks for stopping my blog, and leaving a comment...adding to anyone's to do list is a little guilt inducing, but it's such a sweet quilt, that I won't feel too guilty.

Feel better :)

Anonymous said...

Abby, sorry to hear that you have been sick. I love your flickr photostream. That is neat. Hope that Reagan is doing better (it was Reagan, right). Will talk this weekend.