March 8, 2009

Sydney's Quilt

It's so fun to finish! Especially when the project has been challenging. I'm sure your sharp eyes can see some of the minor problems the white minkee squares gave me, and oh that satin! Even with a walking foot, some ugly things were said under my breath while sitting at my machine. ; )

And it felt like I was stitching in the grass as I hand stitched the binding on the back side with that super soft and fluffy rosette minkee. I'm slightly disappointed I didn't take a picture of the mess it made on the carpet cutting the excess off once the binding was on. Pink everywhere!

So the specs: the squares are home dec fabric, sashed with brown satin and backed with pink minkee. It is hand quilted with soft pink thread: stitch in the ditch around all the lines and a big "X" through each square. It's a big baby quilt: just a tad smaller than the Heirloom cotton batting, so around 45" x 60". And it's heavy!

I'm thinking I'll drop this off at it's new home tomorrow after school. Then I HAVE to nail down what I'm doing for my advent calendar. I still like my Christmas tree idea, but I found a Michael Miller pattern for an advent calendar using a Christmas tree theme, so I might go that way, too. Decisions, decisions. I WILL have the fabric picked and cut this month!

I have decided to make a quilt for baby Brandon (the recipient of the black-and-white burp cloths - his middle name, by the way - Red-Wilder - I knew it would get in there somehow!). I've also decided that it will be made via the quilt along with Elizabeth at oh, fransson! I'll cut out 2 rows or so to make it a baby quilt. This way, it will be done before the end of the month and I'll be well on my way to a quilt a month this year! After that, my friends need to seriously stop having babies so I can make quilts for other people without deadlines like due dates or baby showers (even though I'm not very good at sticking to those).

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