May 4, 2009

T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial Part 2 - Cutting and Interfacing

For me, the goal of cutting out these shirts is to create a border that is symmetrical. The sashing will take care of the width and it will all come out right in the end!

1. Find a straight line in the printing on the shirt to use as you square up the ruler. I like to pick the top or bottom of any straightline printing.

2. Once you're all lined up, measure 1-3" from the last of the printing on the left side and cut along the ruler. Here I measured 1".

3. Measure the same distance on the right side. 1" again.

4. From the top I measured 1.5", lined up my straight line and cut.

5. Repeat with the same measurement on the bottom.

6. You now have a symmetrical, squared block.

7. I then place the block on some lightweight interfacing to size up how much I need leaving a border around it and cut off a piece.

8. Lay the t-shirt face down on the ironing board, then place the interfacing adhesive-side down on top of the shirt making sure everything is smooth and the t-shirt is completely covered.

9. Iron on the interfacing following the instructions that come with it. Mine likes a lot of steam.

10. Trim off the excess.

11. Now repeat with all your blocks! (Still a little wet from the steam here...)

By the way, I pulled 2 of her jerseys and decided to add them which makes for another column. I even pulled back in the duplicate shirt to make it work. The "missing" square will be filled with some small pocket and sleeve pieces that will form a single block.

It's amazing how stable they are to work with once the interfacing is on! Even the mesh!

I didn't get to the sashing cutting this week, but next week sounds good to me! Stay tuned for Completing the Blocks next week!

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