July 4, 2009

Finished by the Fourth!

Around 2 am this morning, that is...
I've been on a roll with these late nights this week: I had a cram session for a test on Monday night, set anterior and posterior denture teeth all night for a patient on Tuesday night, and waxed up those dentures to turn them in to the lab pretty late on Wednesday night.

It was only appropriate that I decided that this quilt had to be finished before going to bed yesterday/today.

It is the 2nd machine quilted quilt I've made, but since this one is like 4 times the size of the baby quilt, there is no comparison. My arms got quite the workout! I stippled it with black thread. That was a hard decision. Would I use white if I did it again? I still have no idea. If I hand quilted it, it probably wouldn't matter because the spacing of the stitches makes it more camouflaged, but this continuous line stitch shows up a lot more. It works. Just hope Sarah likes it!

It's a good-sized twin that is just short on my full sized bed in the quest room. I haven't labeled it yet because I have no embroidery thread that matches...but I solved that problem with a free shipping order placed to Joann's yesterday. Gotta be prepared for next time! And gotta love those coupon codes!

We're going out to Sarah's dad's house today for some fun in the sun at the lake on their new boat! (Hence the necessity of having her quilt finished.) This is what I'll be doing - floating on a life jacket. Nice. Our not-so-new boat is due back from the boat hospital on....Monday. Timing was a little off, but we still get to get out on the water with all the other crazy people who don't mind baking in 100 degree heat on the water! Wish me luck! I'm going to go apply my 1st layer of sunscreen over my ever-so-white skin right now. Then I might just bake a pie. Apple would be appropriate...no?

Erik and I recently watched the John Adams HBO mini-series and I now have a whole new perspective of what my ancestors lived through to birth a new nation. Wow. You have to see it. Thanks, Uncle John and Grandfather Valentine amd the rest of the clan (including the women who supported them) for fighting to create our free nation! This is the big battle they fought on King's Mountain.
Happy 4th of July!

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