June 21, 2009

Kennedy's Quilt

Well, little Miss Kennedy was born this week and her quilt is finished! Sure hope her momma loves it! I got to see some pictures of her sleeping in her crib on Facebook. Her bedding totally matches the quilt. Totally.

I was hoping to get this done a lot sooner, but my cold knocked me out last weekend, and when I finally had the energy to get to it, I realized the brown binding I had was not chocolate enough for me, so I had to buy some more...and wash it...and iron it...you get the picture.

The quilt is on the smaller side because I designed it on my 36"x48" science fair/quilt design board. Still perfectly appropriate for a baby quilt!

This was my absolute first quilt to stipple and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Still have a long way to go, but I've got the gist of it, now.

My bindings are down to a science, now, and I really feel like I've got the hang of the whole bias thing. I thought about giving it up after Elizabeth's discussion of binding during her mod sampler quilt-along, but when it comes down to it, I'm too lazy and will probably always buy my binding and deal with the bias-ness of it, angled seams and all!

I just pieced the back with whatever fabric I had left. It works!

I would have loved to applique her name, but it wasn't divulged until now, and well, "Kennedy" is kinda long.... : )

So, welcome to the world, little girl! Now on to binding Sarah's quilt! I'm on a roll!


Jessica said...

That quilt is fabulous...a mixture of two of my favorite kinds...stripe quilts (love pieced backs!) and brick paths. Isn't stippling the best???

Jackie said...

Really cute! The back is as gorgeous and the front!