December 27, 2009

Oh, I'm Sorry! You Haven't Been Introduced....

This is a quilt top made by my Great (great?) Aunt Bertha.
(I did not spend my Christmas holiday doing this as I am not that good)

She used to get scraps from a local shirt factory for her quilts.  My mom has another top - she shows it to her class every year when they read a book - I really couldn't begin to tell you which book.  I'm glad those little whipper-snappers are learning what a quilt top is.

I got this particular top from my maternal grandmother who is not related to Aunt Bertha.  In any form or fashion.  I don't know how she ended up with it and she decided it was better than I have it and I'm sure not going to argue with her!

In the above picture, you can see the only place in the quilt where the direction of the triangles is reversed.  Did she do this on purpose?  Is there something to "finding" the pieces that don't belong?  Huh.

And then I found this here spot where she has a triangle with the wrong side facing out?!?!

Since she hand pieced this grand gal, it's no surprise that, over the years, a few repairs need to be made.

I love to imagine what the shirts really looked like as entire shirts, I mean, seriously.  What about this brown, green and red number?  Wow!

I mean, wow.

Mmm, citrus-ey!

Again, would love to see who bought and wore a shirt like this!

She needs a good pressing, those two repairs, and then I'm basting her up!
I've been planning to hand quilt this for a long time now.
I'm thinking Baptist fans.
Any other suggestions?

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Mimi said...

I think Baptist fans sounds perfect.