December 31, 2009

Quilts of 2009

Whew!  14 completed, 2 WIPs, and several little crafty/sewing projects along the way.  This represents 9 babies, 1 high school graduation, 1 college graduation, 2 weddings, a quilt for a really deserving guy, a team effort, and a quilt for me.

I'm excited about the quilts I already have in the planning stages for next year and I'm excited to see everything my quilting peeps in the blogging world will come up with in the year to come! 

I hope to make it a stash-busting year with lots of new techniques and design ideas!


en en said...

wow so colorful

Psalm112 said...

That "one deserving guy" absolutely loves his quilt. He wraps up in it every single morning for his quiet time! He truly LOVES it!! Thank you!!!