January 20, 2010

I Quilted this Week!

Baby steps, but I've warmed up the sewing machine again.  I have Friday off, too : )

But this weekend I'm building this coffee table with my husband!
This blog is Awesomeness.  Pure Awesomeness.  With a capital "A". 
It's the only way I'll finish furnishing my house.

Also, I'm so excited to spread the word that the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild will be having its first meeting on February 4 @ 7pm at City Craft!!!


Jackie said...

Glad to hear that your and your sewing machine are friends again! I can't wait to see the coffee table.

Steph said...

Do I detect some Amy Butler fabric in there????

; )

MandMStudio said...

Lovely quilt top:)

Ellen said...

LOVE IT! And I can't wait to see the coffee table! :) See you at the meeting!

Betsy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am so excited to find so many younger women who are interested in quilting. I thought I was the only one! Can't wait to see pics of the final coffee table.