January 10, 2010

Dallas Modern Quilt Guild

Live in the DFW area?

Love modern fabric?

Love to make modern quilts?

Lisa, of Sophia Aster, has just started a modern quilting guild for Dallas area quilters and I'm so excited!

We're communicating on a Ning network (yeah - I just heard of that for the first time 5 minutes ago),

and you can join by following the link, here:

This literally *just* started - like, I got home from Colorado, got on FB, and saw on her fan page that she had created this group today! 
We'll set up a time to get together soon, so get in on the action!


julie said...

uhhh... I can't get to the link. I'm excited though!

Ellen said...

Ack! I can't make it work! I WANT IT SO BAD!!!!! :) Thanks for the info!