April 4, 2010


Several new items for my home:

Erik and I installed the bottom 1/2 of the built-in hutch he's hand-crafted.  Isn't it great?  He designed the cabinet himself and the butcher-block is from IKEA.  I'm excited to see the rest of it!

These little gems were found (actually 3 sets were found) by my grandmother as she did some Spring cleaning.  I'm now on a hunt for frames so they can grace my kitchen walls!

This last item was procured by my husband on Ebay as the key element to his Capitol 10K costume.  We're going with a very adventurous theme this year.  I still have a sari to make before next Sunday.  Any guesses - who could we be running as?  Next week I'll have pics from the race....and a finished quilt : )

1 comment:

Jackie said...

The hutch is GORGEOUS! Tell Erik that he's got a wonderful talent!

I love the prints that your grandmother gave you. They'll look wonderful framed.

I'm looking forward to seeing your race pics!