April 18, 2010

Derek and Kat's Quilt

They were married in February, but it took me a while to muster the energy to get this finished for them.  Derek's birthday was Thursday, so I told him he'd get his "present" on Monday at school which was just the amount of motivation I needed to push through to the end.

It's a lap quilt, no particular pattern was used - just made it up as I went.  After seeing their new bedroom furniture and linens, I knew what fabric to get.  That and the maroon works well for these two Ags!  I stippled it over a few afternoons and bound it this weekend.  Binding is my absolute favorite part of the quilting process because everything comes together so nicely.  It's been rainy and cold here, so perfect weather to sit under a quilt on the couch with a good movie just sewing away, although I must admit I was falling asleep toward the end!  Maybe I'll go take that nap now...

Oh, and I promised Capitol 10K pictures, so here you go!  I must also provide the link to Vanessa's blog(Marion Ravenwood in the picture below) which includes pictures from our Capitol 10K debut back in like 2005.

We based our costumes mainly off the action figures:

I think we did a pretty good job : )  A friend let us know that he saw us on the news and they referred to us as the "Indiana Jones Triple Play", so we definitely had an identity!  (In case you're wondering, the 4th film doesn't count in our books)  One runner even ID'd me as Willie Scott, rather than the "bride" - people kept coming up and congratulating me until I took the veil off : )

We had a great time, ran the whole race, and enjoyed spending time with friends we miss so much!

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Jackie said...

Congratulations on the finish! I always thought I'd hate binding after hearing so many stories but I ended up quite enjoying it.