May 29, 2010

May Flowers and my UFO Progress

Our crazy, haphazard garden is all a-bloom.  Erik planted seeds and a few bulbs wherever he felt like it and sure enough, they all came up!

Even the bluebonnets he planted in March?!?  It's nice to have a few bluebonnets in May!

I went to my first Saturday Sew with the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild today!  I'm so sad I've missed everything that's happened so far, because I'm playing catch up meeting people and I'm slow enough at that as it is : )  But it was a good time, and I was surprised at how productive I was.  I'll definitely go to the next one if at all possible!

I got there still in the planning stages with this quilt, but here's what I accomplished today:

This is on my UFO list as the "stars quilt". See the star in the middle?  That's what I'm going for!  There was no way I was going to piece that critter, so I opted to take the easy way out and piece around it : ) Believe it or not, I hate piecing and was actually going to applique this before I convinced myself to suck it up and learn how to match up seams and make decent points. 3 more groups of 4 and I should be done.  I used the center portion of the Quatrefoil pattern on Modify Tradition to create this cross pattern, and the line of fabric is Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow.

This is also on the list as the "undecided quilt".  Once I realized it had to be a t-shirt quilt, I jumped on eBay and bought up all the Valpo shirts I could find, and even got a few new ones at  This one's a secret retirement gift for my father-in-law, so Evelyn, if you're reading this, Shhh!

I just lack a few sashings and then I'll piece it all together (the first row is done!).

I still have some good weekend time ahead of me, so I hope to get a lot more done!


Jackie said...

Your block is really pretty. I'm surprised you don't particularly care for piecing. You're so good at it!

Shannon w/ Monkey Dog Quilts said...

LOVING that cross quilt! Love the fabrics too. Can't wait to see the finished project!

Litasteve said...

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Litasteve said...

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