June 25, 2010

More Non-quilt-related Gifting

Erik's college roommate and my roomie for a summer, Jeff and Beth had a baby and we got to meet her tonight : )  Our friend Jennifer also got to come up from Houston, so we had a little party.  I made sure to hold Miss Cate for a good while so mommy could have a break and promised to hand her off to Jennifer when she got fussy, because that's the kind of friend that I am ; )

I was sure to take gifts, so I whipped up a few things using my well-stocked stash:

The blankie was snagged at Ross or Marshall's - one of the two - and I appliqued the "C" using fabric left over from my niece, Sydney's, quilt.

The onesies were snagged on clearance at Walmart (there's a third with little flowers that I gave her as well, but didn't need embellishment in my opinion).  Again, fabric from Sydney's quilt.

I love a quick, special gift!


Jackie said...

Very cute ways to take something store bought and turn it into a one of a kind item!

Evelyn Mann said...

Abby, I love the applique. What a great use of extra fabric. Is it just a close zig zag stitch? Do you put the stitch and then cut off the extra fabric? Anyway, it looks great.

Abby said...

Evelyn, I just used a normal zig zag and raw-edge applique. I cut out the shapes first. Thanks!