November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Break: Day 1

The first day of my Thanksgiving break was a busy day! We woke up without alarm clocks (unless you count our loud-mouthed cat, Reagan) and dove right in.  I started making a chocolate cake only to discover that I was missing a very important ingredient: eggs. 

With the cake on hold, I made the icing before we had to leave to meet my family for lunch to celebrate Erik's birthday.  We ate at a little German restaurant and market called Kuby's.  Reubens all around, except for Erik who had the pork schnitzel - yum!  It wasn't exactly the same as the great veal schnitzel we had with his family in Austria, but it was a nice treat all the same.

We dropped Erik off at SMU's football stadium to enjoy a little college football and then headed to a local church to drop off our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I was now car-less, so Mom first took me to the grocery store to buy eggs, and then home to continue the cooking adventure.

I made a pumpkin pie, garlic mashed potatoes, and this chocolate cake for our Thanksgiving pot luck at our friends' house.  Sorry, I didn't get a before picture and when we got it home, the plan was to trash it, so I snapped a quick one before it was lost forever to the garbage can. This was the first of two planned Thanksgiving dinners and a trial run for what I could swing as far as Weight Watchers points go.  A full meal with dessert (no rolls) came out to around 25 points.  That's a full 6 points over my daily allowance.  And that's just dinner.  The Reuben at lunch sure didn't help, either.  Oh, well.  As Erik said, I've worked really hard the past few months, so I need to enjoy this holiday then get back on the wagon.  And start exercising to help control the damage.   : )

Day2 will bring some serious quilting and the start of some hard-core studying for boards.  Get excited!

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Jackie said...

We're different in that I'd rather have rolls than dessert! Though that chocolate cake looks divine!