November 23, 2010

Making My List for Santa

You may or may not have noticed my links to fabric stores on my sidebar on the right.  Go check it out if you haven't yet.  You have to scroll down a little bit.

The first store listed is that of Above All Fabric.  I don't even know how I first came across sweet Melanie's shop.  All I know is she is a doll and I hate that I don't live nearby and can't go to her sewing parties when she has them every year!  She's hooked me up with all kinds of random needs, including the fabric I'm using to make this super special quilt for my friend that will get it (in person!!!) this Christmas.  I'm beyond excited.  And I hope she doesn't read my blog!

She's holding a little contest that includes making a Wish List of the fabrics you want in her store.  You can do it easily on her website and I'll tell you what's on my list for Santa right now:

City Weekend yardage

Fandango yardage

Nicey Jane yardage

I have precuts or fat quarters in all of these lines and I need some backing and binding fabric to round it off!  I know you're going, "This is ALL you could come up with for a fabric wishlist?"  But I'm being practical and thinking ahead for projects that might actually happen!  What's on your list for Santa when it comes to fabric and sewing?

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Steph said...

Good to know in case I get you in the drawing AGAIN this year.... ; )